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30年に1度 / Once per thirty years








I momentarily had lived for thirty years.

The body, character and environment change very well while thirty years human lived from self-birth. Of course, the changes of each is different band. But, there ara many human focus nallow band which each fit. That is just the marriage or flotation.

In my case, I can't understand myself. I missed my band I will focus. No, I think that there was not my band by my nature. And I may not find it but begin to feel it in my mind.
In morning of one day when I forget, I thought that human may live self-life. And in the start of this year, I thought I want to live my life.
After above things, I may want to understand myself related the world. I may need the travel as the saying goes :D

I would like to know this thinking, because this is once per thirty years.

Just for the record, I write some things which are once per thirty years.
- Birth (I forgot it, though I want to remember it. )
- The bone cracked (Ouch!!!)
- I made rolled egg with an egg and a wash powder (I threw it away without eating it. )
- I nailed the persimmon tree (The aunt was very angry to me. I never do.)
- I felt the beauty of the grassland and the sky on the hill through the dimmish forest.
- I broke its bone. (Ouch!!!! Again!!!!!)
- The thief entered my house. (All of my game soft...only)
- I went sightseeing with the elder brother and the elder sister. (It was good.)
- I though human may live self-life. (In morning of one day)
- I was going to let one's hair grow long. (It is hotter than short.)
- I made Pierce's hole for my ear. (The pain is not worse than my imagine.)
- I saw the pickpocket arrested.
- I saw the public nuisance arrested.

I think that I cannot unexpectedly recall it.

I will recall it in several months up to 30 years old.



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