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the wood-carving map of the Eskimo

NOTATION is notation with a special character and a special sign.

This is the wood-carving map of the Eskimo of eastern Greenland. There is none of all description in this map. Probably, language is not used, either. I think that it is not because such culture is not developed. They fully know that all position relations can be grasped by the tactile sense.

People consider various things. But, just language is inadequate although all they are told to somewhere. Man has not necessarily developed until now, with such a problem having. But, not all the man has solved it by a certain method in the face of the problem. It is necessary to get to know the word "NOTATION" which appeared before me, deeply now as expression which tells something.

A map is [ its simple substance ] completely meaningless. It functions as NOTATION only after there are those who need them. The thing itself called NOTATION is not omnipotent. But, a part of heart of something that is not in language, and its man is becoming invisible from time to time. Does this in construction get across to everybody sure enough?

Although NOTATION in construction is very meaningful, the existence is not made to notice for those who visit the space. But, the space which has stopped this serves as "empty."

People and monochrome make space. Because construction gives a frame to the space, it does not remain, but it is also the program of people and time. In order to express this program, it continues groping for NOTATION.

It is saying. It is the first nostalgic cartridge of report series. This is that I thought in the subject of a university. The special edition of NOTATION of a magazine called 10+1 was read, and it remembered that it was surprised. Of course, NOTATION does not yet understand something. These days, foundations are the touch not changing although how to catch a few may have changed. I think that NOTATION is what is included in a thing after considering what is considered to something that is the element contained in all things and people feel from something. There are too much "what." *.*

I would like to look at the map of this wood carving for the time being.



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