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オルファー エリアソン / Olafur Eliasson

今日は品川にある原美術館[Hara Museum of Contemporary Art]に行ってきました。

今、オラファー エリアソンの「影の光」という展示をやっています。


で、今になって思い出すのですが、テーマになっている影の光。 日常で考えると光の影というのが普通ですよね。でも、光と影がどちらが先かを考えてみると、光が無ければ影(というか闇ですね)しかありません。後先は関係ないかもしれませんが、影の光っていうのも普通に存在していても良いはずです。実際は影の光っていう言葉は日常にはまずありません。




I west to Hara Museum of Contemporary Art in Shinagawa today.

The exhibition "Your light shadow" by Olafur Eliasson is holding in Hara Museum of Contemporary Art.

He is based in Berlin. He has explained about what we can see the light like this. This exhibition was really wonderful. Rainbow that floats indoors. Circle of light that seems to continue through all eternity though it is simple movement. Four color light that appears from three boards. Space to see black and white all seen things. The light between machine and living thing giving birth in the above-mentioned circle's coming in succession. It was very satisfactory in full loading of the viewpoint. Please go by all means. It is until February 5, 2006.

In now, I remember, is the theme of light and shadow. It is common that I think the shadow of light daily. But first and think about whether both light and shadow, shadow Without light (or rather it is dark) only. Consequences might not matter, it should present a good, even if it called usually the shining of the shadow. The shadow light of words is not normal.

So, What is a shadow of light? The things mean, I "rather than stacked in space, space was removed," I felt a similar design and was doing my college graduation in the concept.
In other words, I have the opposite origins. To be more specific, instead of repeatedly making the space light and space that form a shadow scratch. And will, and think it is common for designers to manipulate the light coming out hard to predict where the result is somewhat different.
Well, it's not like the opposite origins? My opinion, I begin with human behavior What is close to cutting the latter act.

Spread further in the story is drunk is something that was a fierce animal that create an inherent What is human. For example, in a cave house, or clothes that made the large holes in the leaves and fur. Food situation has not changed, but still, something is genetically human behavior in the first place it is a bit out of it.
Saw a flash, even if you feel the same, I feel very different for both elements is different from nature, a purely "Oh, that feels good" and somehow you can imagine and felt.

For this, after all, a clear answer in one design over the years, graduates thought happened, we still believe. If it were, but also can be considered as all natural and artificial, including those so-called human action, feeling that they thought they would have a great impact on What is it when people act more natural Masu. Oh, and I'll still believe. (Or anyone, why do not argue with me? (Laughs))

Incidentally, it is likely in the spring of 2006 will be installed as a permanent installation by the Hara Museum Orufa Eliasson. Can you show me a situation in which the light changes by season and time, and you would think I look beautiful and show Naa in light of the moon or bet (which is a complete delusion). Also, I think I'll be watching around that time.



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