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ヴィヴィアン・ウエストウッド展 / Vivienne Westwood, 35 Years in Fashion


六本木ヒルズ イベントインフォメーション(新しいウィンドウが開きます)


でも、同時にやっている杉本博司: 時間の終わりを既に見てしまったので、お得感が少し減ってしまう感じがして、どうしようと迷っています。

「杉本博司: 時間の終わり」は、見ていない方は是非見てください。すごく良いです。まっぷたつな風景も、つくりにつくりこんだジオラマも、数学の世界も、彼の努力もとても素敵でした。


"Vivienne Westwood, 35 Years in Fashion" starts.

Roppongi Hills event information(A new window opens.)

I would like to go. I like Vivienne Westwood (A new window opens.). However, I do not have the thing puts on. The photograph of such a tidy fashion is wonderful though it always thinks.

However, because "HIROSHI SUGIMOTO: End of Time"(A new window opens.) done at the same time has already been seen, it is thought that a profitable feeling decreases a little and is hesitant.

Please look not seeing of "HIROSHI SUGIMOTO: End of Time" by all means. It is so so so nice! As for the scenery that divided in two, the made diorama, the world of mathematics, and his effort, all were very wonderful.

After all, let's go to see another times.



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